Someone went ahead and made a Snoop Dog LoL skin

If like I did, you saw this and thought Snoop was continuing to sell off any vestiges of street cred he still maintained, then don't worry, this isn't official or anything, but it's still a well made custom skin for Riot's League of Legends.

It's an added option for Nasus, offering a new look for the Anubis inspired champion, giving him a pimp staff, a purple suit and the tell tale look of Snoop Dogg himself. There's even a bunch of custom animations having him dance, eating and a variety of other moves.

You even get a custom game launch image, though again, only seen by you. While it might ruin the integrity of League of Legends if it had skins like this for certain champions, a celebrity inspired game mode might be quite fun to see.

What do you guys reckon?

If you want to try the skin out yourself, here's detailed instructions on how to pull it off. No surprise at the length of the video.

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