Sony Bans Hackers - Hacker Unban Themselves And Ban Legitimate Users

A couple of days ago, Sony released its first official statement regarding PlayStation 3 hacking stating that it will ban all hacked consoles from the PlayStation Network and Qriocity service. Today, the hackers responded in an unpreceded manner.

A newly released hack claims that it is able to unban banned consoles and ban other consoles even if they are unmodified.

In order to ban a legitimate PS3 console, the hacker needs to get its ID by fooling the console owner into giving it to him, or by having physical access to the console.

Mod and hacking communities are justifying this hack by calling Sony a bully and criticizing its strong arm tactics; on the other hand Sony justifies its aggressive stance by citing breach of license agreement, copyright infringement, multiplayer cheating and - of course - piracy.

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