Sony France: PS Vita Is A Headless Four-Breasted Beauty

When a gamer hears about a headless four-breasted woman/freak/monster, his first thing to come in mind is more likely to be Silent Hill than PS Vita. However, this analogy was exactly what Sony France’s brilliant marketers chose to describe the troubled handheld.

If you didn’t get the connection, here it is: PS Vita is as attractive as a four-breasted lady (mind you that the second pair is actually on the back), but it is shunned by its family and friends due to the fact that it is headless and has no games to speak of.

The above interpretation is reasonable and does in fact relate to the handheld’s market troubles that are attributed chiefly to the scarcity of good titles. It is however not what Sony’s marketing department had in mind when it designed the ad.

The ad was actually meant to highlight PS Vita’s rear touch pad, with the tagline that there is fun to be had touching both sides.

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