Sony Promises New Plans For Playstation 3 This Year

Sony Promises New Plans For Playstation 3 This Year

"We've talked about this next year being the most aggressive marketing year in PlayStation's history," Peter Dille, Sony Computer Entertainment America's senior vice president in charge of Marketing and PLAYSTATION Network said in a recent interview. "It clearly falls into the 'we can't comment on rumor and speculation,' but we're confident in our plan, and we'll just leave it at that."

Over the last few months, a lot of third party developers and market analysts have asked publicly for Playstation 3 price cut, but Dille believes that this is not what the wish of the majority.

"We have a big event every year called Destination PlayStation. All the third-parties attend; all the retailers attend," he said. "We don't have the press there for a reason -- because we want to be very candid in our plans and not have sort of the implication of having the PR aspects to those conversations."

"When we lay out the plans to those folks there -- I think it might be fair to say that some people came into Destination PlayStation curious about what our plans were."

"I think they all left really fired up about the year ahead because, once they understood what our plans were, we didn't hear any of that grousing that you're talking about -- certainly not from the folks that attended."

"And I was quoted as saying recently that third-parties want our hardware to be free. We understand that; we have a business to run, and they have a business to run. As I said earlier, we were marching to a mantra to be profitable, which meant we weren't going to be cutting the price of the PS3 last year, and going forward we'll have a different plight."