Street Fighter 6 will take the series in a different art direction

Street Fighter 6 will take the series in a different art direction

Street Fighter 6 is in the works and we've had our first look with a new teaser trailer, which makes it clear that the series is going in a slightly different art direction, making it look quite distinct from its predecessors.

The Street Fighter franchise is one of the most iconic in the fighting genre, sitting alongside greats like Tekken, and Mortal Kombat. So any new entries in the series are exciting and since it's been many years since the release of Street Fighter 5, a Street Fighter 6 reveal has fans on tenterhooks to see and hear more.

"Street Fighter 6, the next evolution of the renowned Street Fighter series which has sold more than 47 million units since it charged onto the scene 35 years ago, is now in development," Capcom said alongside the trailer release. "The teaser trailer showcased a glimpse of the future of Street Fighter, as series mainstay Ryu locks horns with new challenger Luke. The 45th and final character in the Street Fighter V roster was teased to have a key role in the next Street Fighter project, which has now been confirmed. More details will be shared this summer."

Interestingly, Xbox insiders have suggested that the new game won't make it to Xbox this generation, suggesting that it could start as a PlayStation exclusive, and may well make its way to PC later, as many of the most successful PlayStation releases have in recent years.

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