Take-Two 2003 Plans

Take-Two 2003 Plans Take-Two 2003 Plans

Vice City is coming soon for the PC and Duke Nukem Forever is just coming. Take-Two decided to give an overview of the games coming in 2003 but managed to be extremely vague as far as release dates are concerned.
Duke Nukem Forever will be released in 2003, according to Take-Two, a specific date however, was not announced. Instead, the publishers reassured everyone by claiming that a date will be specified 90 days before the game ships. One interesting bit of information is that DNF will feature on consoles, with XBox being the first likely candidate to carry the, much anticipated, title. 3D Realms have always claimed that a version for Microsofts' console is under development. Other bad news concerning the same game state that it will not make an appearance at this coming years E3 and that it is not likely to be ready before Christmas 2003.

Other information released by Take-Two should make PC owners happy with titles such as Serious Sam 2, Hidden & Dangerous 2, and Railroad Tycoon 3, on the way to release before October (end of fiscal year) of 2003.

Console titles also featured heavily in Take-Two's announcement. Mafia, will be assimilated by the consoles and will be released for XBox and PS2 but no GameCube plans were mentioned. An exciting new game, according to Take-Two, ManHunter, will also be released on console before November of 2003.

Other news to come out of the announcement concerned 2004, planned releases include sequels for Max Payne and State Of Emergency.