Test Drive : Eve of Destruction Ships

Test Drive : Eve of Destruction Ships

Atari announced that Test Drive : Eve of Destruction has shipped to retailers throughout North America and is available for the Xbox and PlayStation 2.

Video games are a great place for labels to launch up-and-coming bands and to rediscover new music by favorite artists. Featured on the Test Drive : Eve of Destruction soundtrack will be:

Artists and Songs:

- Hoobastank- Out of Control
- Sum 41- Still Waiting
- Rob Zombie- Never Gonna Stop
- Thrice- The Artist and the Ambulance
- Thursday- Between Rapture and Rupture
- Auto Pilot Off- What I Want
Test Drive : Eve of Destruction is the first Test Drive game to feature: vehicle damage, dirt tracks, crazy events and unorthodox vehicles like school buses, ambulances and hearses. Since its debut in 1987, the Test Drive series has sold through more than USD 160 million worth of product on console and PC.

Test Drive : Eve of Destruction blends the best elements of racing and demolition and is packed with 25 different events, including Demo Derby, where the last car standing wins; Gauntlet, where the player climbs behind the wheel of a hearse and tries to finish a set number of laps while the rest of the field attempts to stop him; Trailer Race, a new brand of racing event, where the player competes while towing various types of trailers and must finish the race with something resembling a trailer still attached. The Xbox version of Test Drive: Eve of Destruction will support the ability to create custom soundtracks using players own music libraries.

Additionally, Test Drive : Eve of Destruction offers players a selection of more than 30 nontraditional, custom vehicles, an in-game track announcer and a split-screen multiplayer mode for up to four players.