Twitch can list streamers by their League of Legends rank

Are you tired of browsing through the thousands of League of Legends streamers on Twitch to try and find the one at the right rank to show you what you want to see? How about finding the person playing your main champion so you can pick up some specific skills? Well now with the latest update to the game streaming platform you can search through all streamers based on their rank and champion choice for the MOBA title.

Traditionally Twitch streams are listed merely by those who have the highest viewers, which is great for finding popular streams, but doesn't necessarily guarantee quality or the type of viewing experience that people are after. This is the first time the parent company Amazon has specifically customised a game stream list by different preferences and it could shake up the way people stream and how they watch.

As PCGamer points out, this could be something that Twitch introduces across a number of games. While certain ones might make it harder to do so by character choice, listing by rank shouldn't be too difficult and could make for some interesting choices for those watching, as they'd be able to follow someone's career from the early days of their game playing right through to the top level if they so choose.

If you want to have a play around with the Twitch filters yourself, they're live and accessible now. Just head to the League of Legends directory page.

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