Two headed skeletons are terrorizing Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online has all of the usual problems with open world multiplayer, from ganking, to overpowered players, to bugs and flaws, but weird exploits are in there too. The latest is a bizarre invasion of two headed skeletons, who appear to be running around and punching the crap out of other citizens of the Wild West world.

It's happening across PC and PS4, for sure, though it's not been confirmed on Xbox as of yet. There are Steam Forum threads popping up all the time, so it's clearly a problem being faced by more than just a couple of people.

“I’ve been pretty sick the last few days and haven’t slept much, but I’m positive I just got attacked by a two headed skeleton in Grizzlies West, just west of Cattail Pond,” said one gamer. “Daytime. I was using my metal detector and it just punched me from behind and ran off when I switched to guns and started shooting. Also a grizzly bear appeared out of nowhere and killed me as I was shooting. Weird. Ever happen to anyone before?”

As VG247 Reports, the issue apparently stems from hackers flying around in a hot air balloon and then using hacks to spawn the two headed skeletons, which they can then remotely control. Others have even reported instances of robots spawning into the game.

Have you seen any crazy skeletons in Red Dead Online lately?

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