V-Girl Lives in Your PC

V-Girl Lives in Your PC V-Girl Lives in Your PC

Hamster X Studios, a collective of students from Abram Friedman Animation today announced the release of Project: V-Girl JOi. A downloadable virtual human who exists on your computer.

In this interactive experience the user can interface with JOi in numerous ways. Feeling mean? Use the manipulation panel to mess with JOi's feelings. But don't get her too angry or you may be ignored! You can always make it up to her by purchasing her gifts. However, there is a catch. You'll need star token to buy these gifts. You can earn them by playing a head to head game of chance & skill against JOi. Will you spend your star tokens on JOi or on the bonus items you can purchase in the gallery? Hard choices lie ahead.

Project: V-Girl JOi is a virtual product available for download worldwide at the Hamster X Studios website, a link to which is availablwe by following the Download tab above. The download model of distribution allows for updated versions of our games to reach to consumer at no additional cost.