Valve gives nod to Half Life 2: Remastered Collection

Valve gives nod to Half Life 2: Remastered Collection

A remastered version of Half Life 2, as well as its following episodes, is being developed by the former members of the Half Life 2: Update team, and it's reportedly received the blessing of Valve, which should mean it won't see any issues in being released. Better yet, it could see a wider release on Steam in the future, akin to Black Mesa, the recreation of the original Half-Life.

The Half Life 2: Update mod was a fan recreation and remastering of Half Life 2, improving its textures, resolution support, model accuracy, and performance. It was, as the creators put it, a "completely free and extensive community-developed update for Half-Life 2 featuring beautiful lighting, countless bug fixes, and a brand new Community Commentary Mode."

That project is already available for anyone who owns Half Life 2 on PC, but the developers aren't done with it yet.

Half Life 2: Remastered is the next step on that journey, with plans to make it even more impressive, and give it a wider release.

The fact that this game has shown up in the Steam database suggests that Valve has approved it, which is a major achievement for the developers. It suggests that it could have Valve backing in more ways than one, which could lead to a far higher bar for quality in the eventual experience when it's widely released.

Whenever that may be.