VideOh Finally Launched

Adaptec, promise to revolutionize media access through the PC by finally launching their VideOh! DVD Media Center, a comprehensive solution that enables consumers to convert their existing home PC into a media center. With Adaptec VideOh! DVD Media Center, home-PC users can easily create, control, store and enjoy digital content, including TV shows, home movies and photos. Users can choose television programs they want to watch from a free online programming guide, record, pause, rewind and replay live TV and edit and burn shows to high-quality DVDs or video CDs - using their existing PC.

Consumers are looking for new ways to improve their home entertainment experience, including personal video recorders (PVRs) and DVD creation. Until recently, the only option was a costly new PC, said Jeff Loebbaka, vice president and general manager, Adaptec's Desktop Solutions Group. Adaptec's VideOh! DVD Media Center gives home-PC users the ability to leverage their existing computer to gain better control over their home entertainment at a fraction of the cost of a new PC. It's a smart way to manage and enjoy digital content on your existing computer.

Adaptec VideOh! DVD Media Center is a complete hardware and software solution, which includes a TV tuner, MPEG-2 hardware encoder, free access to an online programming guide, as well as software for personal video recording and full-resolution DVD or video-CD creation. The solution is available in both a PCI-card and external version, which allows home-PC users to connect the device to their computers quickly and simply.

With Adaptec VideOh! DVD Media Center, consumers can:

Gain more control over their digital content

Connecting a television video source (cable, satellite, set-top box or antenna) to the VideOh! DVD Media Center enables consumers to watch live TV on their home PC. With the included remote control, users can surf channels and control live TV with the ability to pause, rewind, fast-forward, replay and view in slow motion. Consumers can also save their shows on DVD or VCD to watch later on their TV set or laptop. The solution enables users to watch TV shows in PVR mode at full D-1 broadcast resolution (720 x 480).

Home-PC users also have free access to a Web-based electronic programming guide to schedule daily or weekly recordings of favorite TV shows.

Preserve personal videos in long-lasting digital format

VideOh! DVD Media Center allows consumers to convert home movies (from camcorder, VHS, Hi8 or existing digital media files) to full-resolution, high-quality DVDs in three easy steps. Media Center lets home-PC users burn video content to CDs (using a CD burner) and DVDs (with a DVD burner).

Customers have access to a full version of Sonic MyDVD software to edit footage, add music and create scene transitions, special effects, customized menus and more.

Easily share digital photos with friends and family

With VideOh! DVD Media Center, users can easily customize slide shows featuring their digital photos and favorite music. They can also integrate the slide shows into their home videos then burn to DVD or video CD to share with family and friends.

VideOh! DVD Media Center

VideOh! DVD Media Center is a complete solution, which includes a 125-channel, cable-ready TV tuner and MPEG-1/MPEG-2 encoding hardware. The package also contains a remote control, audio/video cable and a complete version of the award-winning Sonic MyDVD software for editing and burning DVDs and video CDs.

Price and Availability

Adaptec VideOh! DVD Media Center will be available in mid-June at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of USD 199.99 (USB version) and USD 169.99 (PCI version) at leading retail stores, including Circuit City, CompUSA, Fry's and MicroCenter, as well as .

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