Walking Dead Episode 3 Hits US PS3s

Walking Dead Episode 3

The next episode of Telltale's Walking Dead game has landed, but only on PlayStation 3s in the US. Those wanting to play the game on Xbox 360, PC or Mac will have to hang on until tomorrow, but the biggest wait will be for EU based PS3 owners. According to Telltale, Sony is putting the title through its submission process, but there's no word on when that will be complete.

It's promised that, "as soon as Telltale Games receives a release confirmation, a date will be announced".

Priced at $5 - or nothing if you already own a season pass - the latest episode of the Walking Dead game sees Lee and the others shunted out of their cosey motel, jumping aboard a train to who-knows-where. The trailer hinted at someone betraying the group, suggesting that Lee may have to make the final decision on who exactly that is - the impact of which is likely to have echoes in future episodes, in the same way as some of the choices so far have made.

I've yet to play through an episode again, but I might need to with Episode 2. There was definitely a few choices there I would make differently in hindsight. What about you guys?

Image source: IGN