What games are you playing this weekend?

It's a great time to be a gamer. Whether you're a PC or console fan, or somewhere in between, there are tonnes of great games recently released and still going strong after the past few months or years. So what will you be spending your time playing this weekend?

This writer has decided to go on a quest of completionism, finishing games that I never quite got to the end of the first time around. That means picking up where I left off in Darkest Dungeon. I have a number of top level heroes and I'm on the cusp of fighting the the Countess and the Shambling Horror, but I've had to bow out of those fights so far and I keep losing my mid-levelling Flagellant on the Collector and other mini-bosses. This time though, I'll make it to the end.

I also picked up my game of Xenonauts again. I was very near the end there too and just need to keep a few of my top guys alive throughout a few more engagements to complete the final research. There's maybe 10 hours left to go there so it shouldn't take me long to complete it. Probably not in this weekend though.

I also have a Crusader Kings II campaign that needs some time investment. I'm not nearing completion on that one, but unless you can blob the entire world, when is it finished?

As for new games, I'm interested in giving the 1.0 version of Hunt Showdown a go. I enjoyed the limited version on the free weekend, but maybe I should wait for a sale and a couple more patches, as recent reviews have highlighted some concerns over the aiming system.

So, that's what I'll be up to. What are you playing this weekend?

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