Winamp 5 Beta

Winamp 5.0, what happened to 4, is the latest version of the, by far, most popular mp3 player on the PC. Winamp developers, part of AOL now, listened to feedback and used it in the making of this new version.

In fact most of you must have told them that Winamp 2 was great while 3 not that good so they decided on a return to roots. This new version is basically a revised Winamp 2, almost completely skipping and trying to forget Winamp 3.

SAome features of this beta include:

- Winamp 5.0 adds support for all your favorite Winamp 2 and 3 skins (respectively called Classic and Modern skins) within one player.
- Winamp finally gets a make over! When using the Modern skins, Winamp looks its best and is easier to use than ever before.
- The improved Winamp Library allows you to easily browse your music and videos while allowing you to have easy access to your favorite Internet Radio and TV stations in one place.
- Access information like Biographies, fan sites, and more from your Winamp Library.
• Easily rip all your favorite CD's into the new CD quality AAC format (for free) or into the universally supported CD quality MP3 format (part of Pro version) right through your Winamp Library.
- Access to Internet TV and Radio stations embedded in the Winamp Library.
- Take all your favorite tracks from your music collection and burn a compilation CD quickly and easily in the Winamp Library.

This is a test version so let know of any bugs or problems you may encounter.

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