Working Tangible 3d Display Revealed

After the widespread of High Def screens as well as high speed internet connection, this seems to be the next sensible step for the porn industry: Tangible 3d Display.

The new system, developed by Japanese firm NTT consists of a 3d Display and a "haptic glove". The 3d display is an older invention of NTT which combines the inputs of 2 cameras to create the illusion of the picture protruding from the screen. However, the 3d display requires to be viewed from a certain angle.

Attached to the display is a haptic glove. Once inside, a user's hand is touched by numerous force-feedback components to make it feel as if it interacting with something solid.

The possibilities for such a system are endless but here is what the Japanese engineer Shiro Ozawa, who developed the system chose to point out: "You would be able to take the hand, or gently pat the head, of your beloved grandchild who lives far away from you." NTT is currently working with the museum of London to use the system to allow visitors to "touch" their valuable exhibits.

NTT already have a working prototype, but the system is not yet finished. The current Tangible-3D system only works in one direction on a one-on-one basis but NTT is developing a two-way system that allows tactile impressions to be transmitted back and forth between multiple users. The company is also working to improve the 3D screen for multiple angle viewing, which only appears three-dimensional from a particular viewing angle.

Tangible-3D system will be displayed at the Asahi Electronics booth at 15th Industrial Virtual Reality Expo & Conference 2007 held in Tokyo Big Site from June 27 through 29, 2007.

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