World of Warcraft Hacks Kills Thousands

Ogrimmar Dead

Hackers have attacked Azeroth, leaving thousands dead in their wake - though thankfully able to respawn soon after. The hack, allowed the perpetrators to use level one characters to wander the streets of some of the world's biggest cities, slaying everyone, regardless of level, abilities, class, equipment or whether they were a player character or NPC.

The death dealers spread their man made plague across Argent Dawn, Tarren Mill, Ragnaros, Draenor, and Twisting Nether servers, before Blizzard was able to release a hotfix, blocking the loophole that hackers were exploiting. Ultimately no long term damage was done to characters or accounts, expect perhaps to player ego - watching your character fall dead despite hundreds of hours of grinding play must be a little depressing.

Blizzard released a statement on its official forums stating: "As with any exploit, we are taking this disruptive action very seriously and conducting a thorough investigation. If you have information relating to this incident, please email We apologize for the inconvenience some of you experienced as a result of this and appreciate your understanding."

Were any of you guys affected by this attack? If so, let us know below.