Worms Armageddon just got its first patch after 21 years

Worms Armageddon is a two decade-old game of mayhem and destruction and at this point you might imagine its development was well and truly finished, even if the community behind it still remains active. Not so. Team 17, the developer behind the classic franchise has released a giant update to the game, adding support for higher frame rates, a windowed mode and support for streaming.

This patch brings the game up to version 3.8 and enhances the look and feel of the game through a newly improved animation system, raising frame rate support to whatever your hardware can handle. That opens up the possibility for smoother visuals, as well as slow motion and sped-up gameplay replays. With changes designed to help the game spread itself across the interwebs, streaming now has far greater support which hides IP addresses during online play, so that you can't be stream sniped or dox yourself accidentally.

AI teams are now possible in online play too, making it easier than ever to play multi-team games even if you don't have enough fans or friends to make up a full roster of wormy squads.

"But how can you even play Worms Armageddon on modern machines?" You might ask. That's easy. Team 17 has integrated fantastic Windows 10, Linux (Wine and Proton) versions and the new Open Gl renderer offers multiple ways to display the game.

There are also hundreds of new game fixes, tweaks, changes, and tens of new features, all alongside a new mode system that lets you change just about everything about the game.

This is the ultimate Worms Armageddon experience and if you own the original game, the update is entirely free.

Team 17 might want you to check out its upcoming sequel, Worms Rumble too. Though this big update may just be a coincidence.

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