WoW - Upcoming PvP Changes

WoW - Upcoming PvP Changes WoW - Upcoming PvP Changes

The next patch for World of Warcraft will include some significant new feature updates to player-vs.-player (PvP) gameplay - namely, objective-based world PvP and cross-realm battlegrounds. Although details of these features are subject to change during development, Blizzard has provided us with a general idea of what to expect.

World PvP

World PvP objectives will be introduced in two different zones in the game: Silithus and the Eastern Plaguelands. Each of these zones will include non-instanced PvP objectives that any player can undertake on a voluntary basis. Achieving these objectives will earn players individual and zone-wide faction benefits, as well as honour points. These two world PvP events will be active at all times.

In Silithus, the situation has grown even worse. Geysers of a strange red crystalline dust have been appearing in the desert. Whatever this dust is, it seems to be related to the crystals nestled in the sands. As it happens, this dust, or spice, has valuable properties. Players can collect spice from these very visible geysers, which spawn throughout the desert, and return the resource to their faction's base in the area. These bases are the same locations where each faction receives field duty quests for the Cenarion Circle. On normal (player-vs.-environment) realms, players will become PvP-flagged as soon as they collect spice from a node. You cannot carry more than one load of spice at a time.

Players receive an individual buff upon turning in spice, but beware: should you be defeated before completing the turn-in, enemy players can take the spice from you. When one of the factions collects a certain amount of spice, that faction gains a powerful buff that benefits all faction members in the zone or in either of the Ahn'Qiraj instanced dungeons. At that point, the spice counts are reset, and the competition begins again between the factions to gain the zone-wide buff.

Across the world, the Alliance seeks to expand its sphere of influence in the Eastern Kingdoms, and has set its sights upon the Eastern Plaguelands. The Alliance hopes that by retaking the towers in the area and re-establishing its bases, it will be able to place the Forsaken in a stranglehold between Alliance ground and naval forces. The world PvP battles in this zone are based on a capture-and-hold style of gameplay, centring on the four towers in the region. Players who are flagged for PvP can attempt to capture a tower by controlling the area around it, keeping it free of enemy players. The more allies you have with you near each tower, the faster your faction (Alliance or Horde) will capture it. The faction that controls each tower earns a benefit, such as a fast flight path across the zone. Any faction that manages to control all four towers simultaneously earns a zone-wide buff that increases attack power or spell power against Undead for all faction members in the region or in Stratholme.

Cross-Realm Battlegrounds

Cross-realm battlegrounds are another exciting new feature slated for release in the next content patch for World of Warcraft. This highly anticipated addition to the game will open the door of opportunity for those seeking to make their PvP skills and accomplishments known beyond just their own realm.

For the first time, players across different realms will be able to compete against each other in all three instanced battlegrounds: Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, and Alterac Valley. Because of this, players will be able to enjoy the battlegrounds more easily than ever before, and be able to fight alongside new allies and against new enemies.

The designated list of "battlegroups" (realms that will be able to engage each other in battle) will be available in the near future on the official World of Warcraft website. As with the new world-PvP features, players will be able to try out the cross-realm battlegrounds ahead of time when the public test realms go live with the new patch content. Stay tuned to for more information.