WWF: No Mercy

The newest WWF game will feature over 65 different fighters from The Rock to Linda McMahon. There will also be many hidden wrestlers you can get when you pass certain levels or stages. With these warriors, you can take bad behavior to a new level.

Although the engine will remain the same as Wrestlemania 2000, you can use various new foreign objects. They include: razor-wire bats, fire extinguishers, pool cues, and ladders. You will also be able to block and perform counter attacks if you time your button pushing correctly.

You can chose from many different options in multiplayer mode including Exhibition, Royal Rumble, Pay-Per-View, King of the Ring, Guest Referee, Ladder Match and Iron Man Matches. You will also be able to get new costumes, new moves and other good stuff in the "Smackdown Mall".

Needless to say this is setting out to be one of the best WWF games for the N64 ever.

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