XBox Controller double tap makes it easy to switch between devices

If you've been taking advantage of the way that your Xbox controller can jump between difference systems, then you'll really enjoy the recent addition of a new "double tap" feature which makes the process of switching almost completely seamless. The upcoming update will work with Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth, Elite Series 2 and the Adaptive Controller, as well as newer Xbox Series X/S controllers.

All you have to do to switch between systems once the new update is in place is double tap the connect button on the shoulder of the controller. That's it. As it stands, you had to hold the button down, then double tap, but this simplifies the process and makes it more widely available to older controllers too.

This upcoming firmware update is already with Microsoft Insiders testers on the Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha branches, and also adds Bluetooth Low Energy support, improving compatibility across devices and lowering power demands too. Controllers will remember one Xbox adapter host and one Bluetooth host, so you won't be able to jump between heaps of devices, but the two you use the most? Easy peasy.

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