Xbox Series S and X now support AMD Fidelity FX

AMD has enabled its suite of Fidelity FX technologies, including image sharpening, variable rate shading, and its ray tracing denoiser, on Xbox. These technologies will help improve image quality in Xbox games that support them, and help with performance too. It also opens up the door for AMD's long-expected answer to Nvidia's DLSS, known as Fidelity FX Super Resolution, which should launch later this year and could offer a big uplift in performance and visual quality.

Fidelity FX has now been added to the official Xbox Series S and X game developer kit, which means developers can begin their implementation. It could mean that we'll see some games that already support these technologies on PC soon support them on Xbox too, but more likely we'll need to wait for new titles to see these features receive widespread support. They are open source though, so unlike Nvidia's Hairworks and DLSS, their implementation won't be limited to a few generations of hardware and software.

"For gamers, AMD FidelityFX coming to Xbox Series X|S means that future Xbox games will be able to benefit from all the platform-specific optimizations and incredible visuals that FidelityFX already helps deliver on PC games," AMD said in a statement (via VideoCardz).

Fidelity FX Super Resolution, or FSR, will likely join this suite of technologies later this year. We don't know when yet, as AMD itself seems uncertain about when that feature will be realized, but it likely wants to launch on PC and Xbox at the same time.

No word yet on any of these features coming to PlayStation, despite the console using the same AMD RDNA 2 graphics as the Xbox Series S/X.

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