Blackguards Patch v1.2


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What’s New in this Patch:

•Some minor bugs in cutscenes have been fixed.
•Some dialogues have been fixed.
•Some text- and NoKey-errors have been fixed.
•Achievements “Rohal's Heir” and “Master of Arcane” should work correctly now.

Blocker / Crashes
•Reworked AI-System should fix several crashes and freezes.

Interface and Text
•Added a general rule description to the game. Can be found at the top right of the screen.
•Added a control- and shortkey-overview in the options screen.
•The setting to deactivate the tutorial is working correctly now.
•Changes to defense/offense slider in weapon talents save correctly now.
•Achaz mage has his correct name now.

Balancing / Quests / Items
•Aurelias Mask isn't unequipped anymore if she is taken to the dwarf games with it.
•The special buff for the last two fights in the game is now triggered correctly, if enough of the gods trials are completed without using Urias' shortcuts.
•Increased damage and added special effects to the different kinds of throwing weapons.
•Increased the damage of the Fulminictus, Ignifaxius and Ignisphaero spells.
•Decreased ASP cost of some spells.
•Increased ASP cost of the Axxeleratus spell.
•Added some new items to the game.

•Russian dialogs have been reworked.

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