Half-Life auto updater


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Download the Half-Life Update Utility (Sierra Update)
This 2.3 MB utility will allow you to download all future Half-Life updates from your choice of download locations. You can download this file via the Sierra AutoUpdate utility (located in the Windows Start Menu or within Program Files/Sierra On-Line) or directly from this website. Once the file has been saved to your computer, double-click on the file to install the utility.

Download the Half-Life Gameplay Update (Half-Life Version
The Half-Life Update Utility will automatically contact verification servers at Sierra.com and provide you a list of available download sites. For best results, select the site nearest you.
Note: For users upgrading from version, the download will be 15.6 MB. All other users will require the full 67.7 MB update. To check your version number, check the readme.txt file in your Half-Life directory; the current version number appears on the second line.

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