Jetfighter IV Update 4


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JetFighter IV Update 4

Windows 2000 Keyboard Problem - Keyboard response in the simulator on Windows 2000 was sometimes over 1 minute delayed! This problem has been fixed for Windows 2000 users.

Main Menu Background Garbled on ATI Graphics Hardware - Main menu background looked 'crazy' on some ATI graphics hardware. For some reason, certain ATI graphics hardware, particularly that found in laptops, use a ARGB_1555 framebuffer instead of the much more common (and better looking) RGB_565. This problem should be corrected for all such hardware.

HUD Text Solid Blocks on ATI Hardware - On some ATI boards, the text in the simulator shows up as solid blocks. This problem should be solved for all ATI hardware. Please send us an email if your HUD text still shows up as solid blocks.
Force Feedback - The new simulator will detect and use a force feedback joystick if one is available.

USB Throttle Support - Some USB throttles were not being used properly in the simulator. Newer throttles changed the 'axis' that data is available from. The version attempts to determine the correct axis automatically. If this does not work, there is a setting available in JF4.INI to override the default behavior of the throttle.
The settings are as follows:
In the [Sim Controls] section of JF4.INI, the "throttleAxis" setting controls how the simulator will access the throttle:
- throttleAxis == 0 Automatically detect the correct axis. Should work with 99% of all throttles.
- throttleAxis == 1 Use the "lZ" value, this will support "old style" sticks and throttles.
- throttleAxis == 2 Use the rglSlider[0] value. This will support "new style" sticks and throttles.

Stuttering Sounds When Launched from AutoPlay - On some systems, the sound would stutter and sound garbled when the game was launched from the autoplay application on the CD. When running via the start menu, sounds were OK.
We believe DirectSound does not initialize properly on some machines when the CD-ROM drive is the "current directory." The AutoPlay program has been modified to set the current directory to where JetFighter IV is installed. Current users should simply launch JetFighter IV from the Start Menu to avoid this problem.

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