NES Classic Mini games have original glitches too


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If you needed any indication that Nintendo's creation of the NES Mini Classic and its games were a near-perfect port of the originals, just look to the various glitches that existing in those '80s titles - because they're all still present in the NES mini versions too.

With the NES Mini Classic now out in the wild, we're getting a lot of reports from early adopters - even if stock does appear to have run low in many markets. Many of these reports highlight the solid gameplay of those early games, the simple and intuitive controllers - even if the chords are way too short - but they're also reporting bugs that have been around for 30 years.

In the case of Super Mario Bros, you can use the Minus World Glitch, which involves getting to the end of World 1-2, moves to the far left, ducks while facing left and then ducks while jumping, you can move through the wall into a new room where you can warp to different parts of the game.

You can also enter the codeword "Zelda," at the start of Legend of Zelda to skip the first dungeon and there's a bunch of other hacks, bugs, cheats, glitches and more that have been around for years. And now those who haven't played these games since back in the day, can experience them once gain. It also means that a whole host of new, likely younger gamers can experience these classics and all their flaws for the first time.

What are some of the games you're looking forward to playing on the NES Classic?

[Thanks Kotaku]

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