No One Lives Forever


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Do you have what it takes to stand in H.A.R.M.'s way? Your Mission: Assume the role of Cate Archer, a beautiful but deadly Operative working for UNITY - a super secret organization fighting to free the world from the clutches of H.A.R.M.

Players assume the role of Agent Cate Archer, a beautiful but deadly operative working for UNITY-a super secret international organization dedicated to protecting humanity from megalomaniacs bent upon world domination. As matters of such delicacy aren't the sort of thing UNITY usually entrusts to a woman, Archer has thus far been relegated to menial busywork out of harm's way.


Ironically, Archer's lucky break comes as a devastating blow to UNITY, when an assassin identified as the notorious Dmitrij Volkov liquidates over half of UNITY's active undercover operatives around the globe in the space of a week. Volkov, it seems, has ties to a little known organization calling itself H.A.R.M. How H.A.R.M. obtained such intimate knowledge of UNITY's clandestine affairs remains a troubling enigma.

When Archer and her mentor, Bruno Lawrie, depart for Morocco to protect a vacationing American ambassador who has been marked for death, little do they know that they are stumbling into a deadly trap that will set an intricate, insidious plot into motion. Can Archer thwart this plot before it's too late? Is there a traitor in UNITY's ranks? And what exactly does "H.A.R.M." stand for, anyway?

It is up to Agent Archer to unravel these mysteries and thwart a conspiracy that threatens the entire free world.

[[Weapons & Who to Shoot Them With]]
Archer has access to over thirty weapons and gadgets, including a .38 caliber Petri Airweight revolver, AK-47 assault rifle, Geldmacher SVD sniper rifle with nightvision scope, and Sportsman EX hunting crossbow. Many of the weapons in her arsenal can handle multiple ammunition types, such as full metal jacket, dum dum, and phosphorous rounds, among others. Archer can also carry more powerful weaponry, such as the M79 grenade launcher and Bacalov Corrector, a single-shot firearm that uses high explosive shells.

Before a mission, players can outfit themselves with various weapons, weapon mods, gadgets, and gear items. Generally, players will have access to any weapon they've collected thus far in the game, as well as any new items UNITY has made available. Weapons can also be retrieved from fallen enemies. In addition, there are many secret areas which may contain additional weapons, ammunition, or gadgets. UNITY headquarters provides everything a spy could ever need to save the world - lethal acid perfume, a briefcase rocket launcher, explosive lipsticks, a robotic poodle, a 1960s style belt-buckle zip-cord, a Triumph motorcycle and many more strange and helpful gadgets.


Archer squares off against twenty outrageous characters and their henchmen, including a pugilistic Scotsman, a trio of nubile female vixens, a villainously off-key opera Frau, and countless enemy agents and soldiers!

[[The Final Word]]
From tense subterfuge to in-your-face combat, No One Lives Forever ups the ante for plot-driven, 1960's-influenced spy action with killer weapons, vivid international locales and deadly arch villains.


Equipped with an arsenal of powerful weapons and ingenious gadgets, you must unravel a mystery that will lead you halfway around the world in a desperate search for answers.

No One Lives Forever Features:
- 15 missions across 60 levels. Unique situations worthy of any super spy - skydive from a plummeting airliner, fight off killer sharks and explore twisted jungles!
- Ride motorcycles and snowmobiles through vast, realistic landscapes and environments rich with texture and detail.
- Choose your weapons carefully: an AK-47 assault rifle and a 9mm silenced automatic or an M79 grenade launcher and a silent but deadly crossbow with sniper scope.
- Use stealth to take down the enemy from a distance or charge in with guns blazing.


Smart enemies move and react with striking realism. Watch them seek cover, respond to suspicious sounds or launch coordinated attacks.

Multiplay for up to 16 players. Take your chances in an all-or-nothing Good vs. Evil multiplayer game or go head-to-head in Deathmatch mode. Choose from over 30 different characters.

CPU: Pentium® II 300 MHz
VIDEO: 8 MB 3D accellerator card with Direct3D support; DirectX® 7.0 or higher.
AUDIO: DirectX compatable 16-bit sound card
MULTIPLAYER: 56k modem or LAN for multiplayer only
MOUSE / KEYBOARD: Required for play.

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