Star Trek : Elite Force


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Starting with this base engine allows us to concentrate on improvements and extensions. We take full advantage of the dynamically tessellated curved surfaces, multiple stages of texturing, and custom texturing effects.Multiplayer modes offer Free-for-All, Capture the Flag and Team play. Multiplayer via Holomatch allows you to switch between playing as a member of the Voyager crew or as an alien, including the Borg. Take on the role of a Voyager crew member or Hazard Team member in Holo-deathmatches.New and unique alien environments, as well as known locales from the TV series.From a Borg cube, to a Klingon Bird of Prey, and even a surprise or two. Then enjoy what Star Trekis all about, by exploring never-before-seen alien vessels.An uncanny likeness of the interior rooms and hallways of the Starship Voyager, using authentic artwork and textures from Paramount's reference library. We have created a virtual Voyager.Voice talent from the series' actors, portraying their character in the game. Familiar voices adding to the realism.Adding to the beauty of Quake III Arena(TM), Raven has implemented a Team-oriented missions, featuring a next-generation powerful special effects system to enhance the action and visual splendor, of classic Science Fiction movies.

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