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[[Introduction]]Since the beginning, racing games have always been about winning - or getting to the finish line fastest. And why not, isn't that the point? Well yeah, but it seems that no matter how many sweet dekes or how many shortcuts you take, its only about finishing first. But now, Stunt GP is hoping to change all that.

Stunt GP is the newest arcade racing game from Team 17, the famed British developers who were responsible for games such as Worms and Worms Armageddon, among the best multiplayer games ever. Team 17 is known for making wildly addictive multiplayer games that may not exactly be the pinnacle of graphics achievement, but are still a blast to play. Stunt GP is a game built on that philosophy. While it won't contain photo-realistic graphics, it will be fun, just plain fun.


The premise behind Stunt GP closely follows game such as Re-Volt. Except the point in this game is not only to get there first, but also to perform spectacular stunts at the same time. You will be able to do a wide variety of stunts including: jumps, spirals, corkscrews, loops and combinations of them. You will also be able to race on over 24 different tracks that take place in locations such as a warehouse, a Japanese water garden, a multi-story parking lot and of course the Stunt GP arena, specially built for those stunts.

[[The game]]

Like previous stunt games like Trickstyle, Stunt GP will give points for stunts. Obviously that stunts with greater difficulty and that are correctly executed will be awarded the most points, or in this game "Aeromiles". You can then use these reward miles to buy upgrades for you car, or for brand new cars.

So what about the cars huh? Well there will be 16 base-models of cars, with 5 different engines and other model-specific add-ons available. Needless to say, you're car will be almost as unique as you are. There will be three different types of cars: Wild Wheels (heavier 4WD vehicles), Speed Demons (fast cars), and Aero Blasters (perfect for stunts). Each car will also be about 300 to 400 polygons on the screen - making them seem very realistic indeed.


Stunt GP will also include 6 single player modes (arcade/quick race, time trial, stunt trial, practice, league, and challenge) and 4 multiplayer modes (quick race, catch 'em, lap attack, and lap attack).

Although graphics and sound won't the Stunt GP's forte, it will feature very detailed cars, 3D sound, special effects, Doppler effects, and engine noise.

This game is a combination of two very successful games, Re-Volt and Trickstyle, and if it can perform on the level that the previous two titles from Team 17 have performed, it is sure to be a success

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