Demolition Champions (Car/Track Unlocker)

Demolition Champions (Car/Track Unlocker)


Demolition Champions (Car/Track Unlocker)

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              .: DARKNeZZ :.                                  art^dfs
                     Demolition Champions Proper Trainer
                                GAME NOTES
    Trainer options:
    CTRL+F1 = Unlimited Money
    You first have to start or graduate an race, then exit or finish
    the race and go back in the garage mode to buy what you want.
    We release this proper because FLT's trainer for this release
    dont work properly.
   /Team DARKNeZZ
                                GROUP NEWS
                            DARKNeZZ since 2001
           DFStars - iZUAL - Battery - ESI - PiZZADOX - FAS
                                CONTACT US
   IRC...: #CLOSED
                                                   last update 01/21/2003
                 Header   Layout done by artik from DFStars               

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