Walking Dead S02E02 gets the trailer treatment


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Ah, they grow up so fast don't they? It only seemed like yesterday that as the paternal murderer Lee, we were making sure Clem tied her hair back and now look at her go. She's braining zombies, dealing with dangerous individuals and figuring out her own trust issues in the wake of the apocalypse and all of this is evident in the new trailer for episode two, of Telltale's second season of the point and click, emotional, conversational title, the Walking Dead.

If you've yet to check back in after the end of Season 1, a lot has changed for the poor girl. She's with a whole new group of people now but facing the same kinds of challenges, just without her regular protector and mentor.

In this episode she'll no doubt have to make some more hard decisions, but most of them will be related to keeping away from one particular individual who seems to be after something. Something very important.

Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 launches on PC and iOS (and PS3 in North America) on March 4th, with European PS3 and other console launches coming shortly after.

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