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Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo: Combat Evolved


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The "Halo" movie has already cost Microsoft around USD 10 million and filming hasn't yet begun but now the, usually reliable, Latinoreview.com website claims to have the first details of Alex Garland's Halo movie script. The website's reviewer describes the script as an unmitigated success and seems very excited about the prospect of seeing it developed into a movie.

Even before Latinoreview.com became involved, Bungie's Joseph Staten had already, rather ambitiously, stated about the script: Let me put it this way: I wrote the script for both Halo games, but as Alex's interpretation rumbled from one climax to the next I found myself wondering (sometimes aloud): "Damn! How's the Chief gonna fight his way outta this?!" Only to follow-up a few pages later with: "Oh man, I can't wait to see that on screen!" Good stuff.

Now El Mayimbe, Latinoreview.com script reviewer, claims that: Halo is a balls to the wall unapologetic, ruthlessly ultra-violent war movie - and it's cool as hell, man. How violent is it? It's the Saving Private Ryan of video game movies. We got headshots, bodies being cut in half by the swords of the Stealth Elite. We see what kind of damage plasma grenades can do and yes we get to see the horror of flood infection vessels - heads snapping back and torsos exploding. That sounds like good news for most fans of the game who were worried that the movie adaptation may turn into a watered down Hollywood effort to turn MasterChief into a politically correct man of the cloth.

The reviewer goes on to suggest that the script is James Cameron material and that he expects Peter Jackson's name to bring a top-notch director into the mix, something which may explain the delay in announcing a name. According to Mr. Staten however, ...over the next month or so Peter Schlessel (who's signed on as Producer), Parsons and I will be meeting with potential directors, and picking the best person for the job. I recently saw a list of "available and interested" candidates, and trust me: it's an embarrassment of riches.

El Mayimbe presents a very thorough description of Act I of the Halo movie script which I would advise fans of the game to avoid if they are looking forward to the movie although by summer 2007 most of the details will have evicted from your young minds by hours of intense, brain-cell obliterating gaming. The review also mentions some key moments of Act II although it doesn't go into too much detail. An interesting point made by the reviewer is that MCs first words in the movie come on page 10 of the script and are: What are my orders?. Also expect an explosive beginning to the movie, featuring ...tall and regal ELITES, the massive HUNTERS, the gorilla-sized GRUNTS, and the thin and feral JACKALS.

Even if the story on Latinoreview.com is correct and all the hype on the script is spot-on we have to bear in mind Alex Garland's words of wisdom: I'd say people are right to worry. I'm worried. In fact, everyone - in particular those working on the film - should be worried. In the case of Lord Of The Rings, I'd guess that Peter Jackson had plenty of sleepless nights, thinking - am I doing the right thing? Am I doing the books justice? And Lord of The Rings shows Jackson's efforts to avoid his fears on pretty much every frame. So I'd hope the director of Halo has exactly the same level of commitment and concern.

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