Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines


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Kuju has released a promo movie for its "Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines" title, expected to release this August on PlayStation 2, Xbox & PC.

Developed by the Wide Games Team and using the team behind "Prisoner of War", Pilot Down is Oxygen's key release for 2005. Pilot Down captures the atmosphere, danger and heroism of Bill Foster, an American co-pilot shot down over occupied territory in 1944.

Over 180,000 Allied Airmen were shot down during WWII, many of which never survived the crash. Those that did were either captured or killed.

Only 300 made it to the safety of neutral Switzerland.

Bill Foster's task is almost an impossible one, but against all the odds he must survive harsh wintry conditions, find food, shelter, keep warm and avoid the enemy. The gameplay delivers a combination of 3rd person action adventure with added combat and RPG elements, where skill and stealth are needed in order to survive.

Pilot Down is set in hugely detailed environments throughout the occupied territory encompassing forests, towns, villages, weapons plants, army bases and patrol posts. The game's graphics are skilfully detailed in a style that's hugely atmospheric.

Enemy characters all have their own unique style and behaviour depending on experience, rank, training, morale and even the weather conditions around them.

The game is made all the more realistic by the exceptional AI of the enemy soldiers. Through sophisticated programming techniques, enemy soldiers accurately respond to noises, changes in environments and carry out search and capture manoeuvres. Each enemy has its own concern levels and will act accordingly.

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