Knockout Kings 2001 - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

In Career Mode enter any of the following "Names":

Name Effect
MRBARRY Box as Barry Sanders
OSUNA Box as Bernando Osuna
HATCHER Box as Charles Hatcher
ZITO Box as Chuck Zito
BOSTICE Box as David Bostice
DEFIAGBN Box as David Defiagbon
DEMARTI Box as David DeMartini
JGIAMBI Box as Jason Giambi
BAILEY Box as Joe Mesi
JBOTTI Box as John Botti
JRSEAU Box as Junior Seau
Sbatiste Box as Muhammad Ali
OWNOLAN Box as Owen Nolan
AUSTIN Box as Ray Austin
STEVEF Box as Steve Francis
NELSON Box as Trevor Nelson
MECCA Box as Ashy Knucks

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