Knockout Kings 2001 - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

In Career Mode enter any of the following "Names":

Name Effect
KNUCKS Box as Ashy Knucks
SANDERS Box as Barry Sanders
GIAMBI Box as Jason Giambi
SEAU Box as Junior Seau
NOLAN Box as Owen Nolan
FRANCIS Box as Steve Francis
BABY Box as a Baby
BULLDOG Box as a Bulldog
CLOWN Box as a Clown
EYE Box as a Cyclops
GORE Box as a Gorilla
100 Full Attributes
NVINCIBLE Infinite Health

Career mode

Fight yourself or Advance fights.After you hit X to select your next opponent, quickly tap Up or Down to switch opponents. Tapping Down causes you to fight yourself.

Bite opponent's ear

During a match, hold L1 R1 and press Triangle Circle X Square

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