Galactic Civilizations


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When u update Galactic Civilisations to the newer version, a new option is put in the main menu saying --- CHEAT KEYS ON/OFF

Turn them on to activate the following

CTRL A - Adds hit points, move points, attack points and defense points to selected ship.

CTRL B - Creates a battleship at the cursor.

CTRL C - Copys the selected ship.

CTRL E - Decreases morality.

CTRL G - Increases morality.

CTRL H - Heals selected ship and restores it's movement.

CTRL J - All human planets complete their military and social projects instantly.

CTRL L - Assigns all inhabitable planets and resources to the major races.

CTRL M - Adds 1000

CTRL O - Creates an anomoly at cursor sometimes doesn't work, sometimes does

CTRL P - Vastly increases the class of all planets in selected star.

CTRL S - finish research on current tech instantly.

CTRL SHIFT S - All techs except for final frontier are fully researched instantly.

CTRL T - Teleports selected ship to cursor.

CTRL U - Clears the fog of war.Taken from the main site

CTRL V - Creates random ship at cursor.

CTRL Y - Creates colony ship at cursor.

Above cheats submitted by Paul Rhodes

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