The Amazing Spider-Man 2


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New Costume:
On your map there will be an objective that will take Spider-Man back to Aunt May's house. Once you are there if you enter Peter Parker's (Spider-Man) bedroom and you will be able to browse through several costumes in the 'Wardrobe' menu which will each have their unique perk. Select the costume that best suits your play style.

Save Time:
The game will frequently give you three interactive questions between cut scenes, don't waste time worrying about the consequences because there are none as your choice will not impact the game whatsoever. Use the button to finish chat to save minutes of time off every single mission by skipping these questions.

Follow Game Suggestions:
Pay attention to the hints on screen the game gives you and follow them as quickly and effeciently as you can. The more responsive you are to the game's suggestions, especially in boss fights the easier you will defeat them.

Practice Web-Swing:
The Web-Swing ability in this game is different from the first as it now requires objects to stick Spider-man's web to. Although this new mechanic will allow a greater level of movement it can take some time getting used to so it is advised that you practice your Web-Swing in the open world Manhattan before attempting the game's missions. To Web-Swing you use your Right and Left triggers.

Unlock Costumes:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding costume. To change costumes, go to Peter Parker's closet at Aunt May's home and open the 'Wardrobe' menu to cycle through the available costumes.

Amazing Spider-Man (2012):
Start the main campaign.

Amazing Spider-Man (2014):
Start the main campaign.

Big Time:
Clear one Russian hideout.

Cosmic Spider-Man:
GameStop pre-order bonus.

PlayStation Network DLC.

Clear one Russian hideout.

Complete ALL 15 race challenges.

Iron Spider Armour:
GameStop pre-order bonus.

Noir Spider-Man:
GameStop pre-order bonus.

Unlocked during Story mode progression.

Scarlet Spider (2012):
Clear one Russian hideout.

Spider Armour Mk. II:
Clear one Russian hideout.

Complete the game on any difficulty.

Spider-Man 2099:
Clear one Russian hideout.

Superior Spider-Man:
Complete ALL 12 combat challenges.

GameStop pre-order bonus.

Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales):
Complete Chapter 6.

Start the main campaign.

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