Arc the Lad - Walkthru

Arc the Lad - Walkthru


Game Shark Codes

Arc The Lad I Codes
Infinite Money 800BD3EC FFFF
Have Neba Neba 30119810 0063
Have Power Jelly 30119811 0063
Have Power Apple 30119812 0063
Have Energy Fruit 30119813 0063
Have Paralysis Apple 30119814 0063
Have Big Bomb 3011981C 0063
Have Cure-All 3011981D 0063
Have Magic Leaf 30119826 0063
Have Magic Sprig 30119827 0063
Have Blind Brass 30119828 0063
Have Bitter Leaf 30119829 0063
Have Nettle 3011982A 0063
Have Hard Nettle 3011982B 0063
Have Summon Pot 3011982C 0063
Have All Items [Note] 50001C02 0000
80119810 6363
Arc Codes
Infinite Health 80119C4E 03E7
Infinite Magic 80119C4C 03E7
Max Power 80119C54 01F3
Max Spell 80119C56 01F3
Max Defense 80119C58 01F3
Max Speed 80119C5A 0063
Elc Codes
Infinite Health 800BD93A 270F
Infinite Magic 800BD940 270F
Max Exp 800BD94C E0FF
800BD94E 05F5
Super Stats 800BD942 6000
800BD944 6000
800BD946 6000

Slime Time mini-game

Insert the "Making Of" disc. At the main menu, press Circle2, X, Square2, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Start. If you entered the code correctly, the words "Arc The Lad Slime Time" will appear. The mini-game is a one or two player game of checkers, using Slimes from the game.