Backyard Baseball 2006 - Quantum Field


Total votes: 22
Quantum Field:
Win a Championship season.

Abner Dubbleplay:
Get 20 skill certificates for your team

Barry DeJay:
Complete the fielders challenge.

Dontrelle Willis:
Earn 45 season strikeouts.

Dontrelle Willis:
Enter Bigfish as a coach's name in season mode.

Jim Thome:
Earn the pitch shut-out certificate.

Mike Piazza:
Get two double plays in one game during the season.

Sammy Sosa:
Hit a grand slam in season game.

Sammy Sosa:
Enter Babybear as a coach's name in season mode.

Aquadome Stadium:
Hit a homerun into two bodies of water. One is Gatorflats and the other is Steel Stadium. The Aquadome stadium is all underwater.

Humongous Memorial Stadium:
Go to the playoffs.

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