Battle Network Rockman EXE 2 - Hard mode

Battle Network Rockman EXE 2 - Hard mode

Hard mode

Successfully complete the game with all five stars. Highlight the "New Game" option at the title screen, then press Left2, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right2. If you entered the code correctly, the ''New Game'' option will turn orange. Select that option and the "Netbattle" option will not longer be available. Save the game, then restart. A "Hard Mode" option will now be unlocked under the ''New Game'' and ''Continue'' options.

Strongest Combo

At the Battle with etheir the Opponent are Virus or Navi, put a Battle Chip "Prism" right in middle of the Opponents Field. Then throw a "Forest Bomb" to the Prism on the opponents field.

WWW area

Successfully complete the game to unlock the WWW area. Go to Ula Internet area 4 and look for a glowing red warp. Enter it to access the WWW area.

Gamecube logo

After defeating Shadowman, reenter the main mother computer. Go to the back of the computer. Stand in front of the "mother computer main server", where Shadowman was standing before you fought him. Slowly go to Megaman's right. Upon a stack of cubes with purple, squiggly lines on them will be the Gamecube logo.

Easy Zenny

From where you are presently, keep walking around and battle a lot of enemies. If you are in Ms. Million's bag, you can get about 400 Zenny in each battle. You can get 10,000 Zenny from doing the love letter job and from Ms. Millions.

Free look at a locked cube

If you want to just take a look at the purple cube and you have an Unlocker, save the game next to it. Use the Unlocker and if the item is bad, then reset the game.

Getting free Navi chips

You can get Navi chips in the slot in Netopia near the Hotel and Bank. Choose ten chips in the slot and get a new Navi chip back free. Sometimes you can even get Version 2 Chips. Note: A Navi chip does not appear every time.

Getting all five stars

Yellow star: Complete the game one time.
Green star: Defeat all four of the hidden bosses in the WWW areas.
Blue star: Complete the Program Advance List. Darkness is not required.
Red star: Get a data library of 250 chips.
Purple star: Get all of the secret chips.


In order to receive a style, you have defeated Shadowman Exe in the mother computer:

Guts style: Use your buster and charged canon shots to defeat your enemies. Note: This style is very helpful in the beginning.

Team styles: Use Navi chips to defeat your enemies.

Shield styles: You must use Guard and Barrier chips. Note: You must not get hit when using these.

Attack style: Use only Battle chips to defeat your enemies, such as Shot Gun ,Wide Sword, Heat Shot, etc. If you get this style, you will start a battle with seven chips instead of four.


whenever guts man gos in front of you to punch, use a sword attack. continue this when his HP is 200. Use any attack that is higher than 200. And get level S.
Submitted by Gospel


To get sight style, first get all the v3 navi chips except forte. Next go looking for a girl hiding behind a tree at Akiharacho. Last battle until you get S style.
Submitted by unknown

Secret ship

To get secret chip, first, find a friend who has 3 stars. battle himnot practicewhen you get level S,you will recieve a secret chip. this is easier if your friend allows himself to lose.
Submitted by Gospel

Kill toadman

To kill toadman get alot of electric chips like electric sord. When you are fighting him stay in the middle and when he comes hit him.
Submitted by omom