Bird Hunter: Wild Wings Edition - Cheat Codes


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Cheat Codes:
Code Effect
wwflock Go to Nearest Flock of Birds
wwcovey Go to Nearest Covey of Upland Birds
wwcallin Go to Nearest Animal
wwnofear Birds Do Not Fear You
wwgobler Brings you to the Nearest Turkey
wwflash Lightning

Get a Pheasant:
First hit F2 then type spawn and then the type of pheasant you want,EX.spawn sage grouse. First hit F2 then type spawn deermule NOT tells you how many points it has in multiplayer but not in single.

Machine gun:
Press F2 and then type add avenger just as it is typed hit enter and then F2.this only works in single player.

More Turkeys:
Hit F2 and type in wwgobbler to go to the nearest turkey.

Birds are unafraid of you:
In the game hit F2 then type in wwnofear.

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