Body Harvest - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Enter ICHEAT as a h3 then during gameplay enter any of the following "Codes":

Effect Code
All Weapons A Right CDown CRight CUp A Left
Weapons PowerUp Down Up Up Z Z Left Right
Smart Bomb A CUp CUp Up Left
Restore Health and Fuel Down Up Right A B Left CRight
All Artifacts Up CDown CRight Z Up Left
Weak Boss Z CRight CRight B Left CRight
Kill Adam B Left CRight CRight Down
Black Adam CLeft CRight A CDown CRight Left
Tall Adam B A CUp A CUp A
Short Adam Down CLeft A Right Z
Mutant Alien CDown Up Z Z CRight Right
Fat Legged Aliens Left A Right Down
Dancer Down Up CUp Down CRight CRight
Suffer Mode CDown Up Z Z CRight CRight
Surreal Mode CDown Up Right Right CRight A Left
Invincibility A CUp CDown B L R
Funky Graphics Down Up Right Right Right A Left

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