Bomberman Generation - Get Minigame mode and get something cool in Battle Mode

Bomberman Generation - Get Minigame mode and get something cool in Battle Mode

Get Mini-game mode and get something cool in Battle Mode

Clear the gameI think--no one"s perfectIt should appear in the main menu. in the battle mode,when you clear the game-I guess-in standard battle when selecting the stage a box saying "GROUP A"if put to group B it will change the items that will appear in the battle. Also in SUPER BLAST stage the items will change...try it out.

Ways to beat some bosses and and the CRUSH BOMBERS

1-3 Megaton Bomber-This one's easy just dodge his attacks,build big bombs and EXPLODE HIM oh yeah,don' throw him bombs while his spinning the chain-spike ball thing.

1-6 paonstadium-throw him big bombs in FRONT OF HIM NOT ON ITS SIDES when he goes to the center of the arena WATCH OUThe"ll shoot bombs at you just do a bomb barrier

2- 3 Beauty Bomber-Destroy her shield with a BIG BOMB then throw her a big bombShe"ll be stuckwhen the 2 rockets start pointing at you,hit her with a big bomb.when 3 shields appear wait til' they separete then throw her a big bomb

2-6 Old shark clawseasier with Pommy"sin level 2-5 remote bombs-when you start, set andlarthe fish karabonignore the penguins throw abig bomb at the center of the 3 cannons then another one at the last cannon . now these jelly fish thing will appear SET CHARABON POMMY NOW.much,much,MUCH easier this way do abomb barrier to the missiles they"ll blow up THROW HIM A BIG BOMB WHEN HE"S AFTER YOU when the bomb explodes he"ll shake place bomb big bombs do more damage in front of himuse pommy-remote bombshe"ll swallow it CAREFUL DON'T BE SWALLOWEDrepeat this until you make sushi out of him

3-3 Eagle Bomber-dodge his attacks then when his close to the ground and not attacking throw him a big bomb he"ll be stuck when he stands in the ground and start saying TWISTER throw him a big bomb when he starts laughing go to the edge of the stage and do the bomb barrier when he'S one hit from defeat he will start flying around then WATCH OUT if he gets you with his piledriver attack you'll lose ONE WHOLE HEART

3-6 cursed temple-this fight has 2 parts:
PART 1-ignore the flamethrowers throw THE MUMMY a big bomb INSIDE the round thing when his head goes up then run away and...WHAM BOOOM careful with its eye laser attack
PART2- ignore the hands then attack the head

4-2 AssaultBomber-he's not THAT tough just use remote bombs it'll be piece o' cake careful though of his attacks...


5-2 Bomber Elite-this one's hard 'cause it has Phycic Powers set remote bombs when that blue thing around it dissapers THROW YOU KNOW WHAT AT IT AND DETONATE

5-4 port majje-theeasiest boss of the game put big water bombs with remote and you"ll finish in no time

Play as Max in the battle games

Just get all the lightning cards.

"Standered Battle"

To beat the player or Computer you want to beat quickly, Go to all the steps you need to do before you play. When you get to the Stage Selection screen, Press "L" to bring up the Item Setup. Next go down to the Vest and put that 9 and the bomb with the heart on it and put that nine. Now, When you play the game, Get the bomb with the heart on it, then get the vest. go very close to the player you want to kill, be sure you check if you have the vest on. it's colorful then keep pressing "A B" very fast. you won't hit yourself, but you will kill them less then 7 seconds. It's funner if yo put handicap on with all 5 lives.

Death Bomb Multiplayer

In Multiplayer Mode, start a Standard Battlethis trick requires 2 humans to do. First, make both players lay a bomb, then kick the bombs into each other. After that, it will create a Death Bomb.

Play as Golden Bomber in battle mode

Win any match in battle mode then replay the same match without changing any other options except for the stage, if desired. You will play as Golden Bomber during the replay.

Group A/B options

Successfully complete normal mode once to unlock the "Group A/B" option at the stage selection screen in battle mode. Press Up or Down to toggle between Group A and Group B. Group A gives you access to the basic power-ups during standard battle mode matches, while Group B gives you access to the more advanced power-ups.

Change view in battle mode

This trick works for any battle game mode. Immediately before the battle game starts, when "Ready" appears, use the C-stick to change the angle of the field. You cannot do this after the game starts.

Walking Bomb VS. Md.

After you turn on the items of Saftey jacket it's gold, you can't miss it and you also turn on remote control bombs it's a heart with bomb inside After you get them both in mid battle, just walk around pressing "A" and the "B" as FAST as you can You will just be a walking time bomb

Get Option for Mini Games

Finish level 4-3 to get the mini-game option in the main menu

Unlimited hearts

First put down a bombany kindthen pick it up.then kill any enemy. go where you killed it and put down another bomb. then there shoud be a heartfull heart then you will have unlimited lives

Play as Golden Bomber in battle mode

You have to have PK Bobmer on yesJust win the victory at the end of the battle and even if another bomber blocks your ball, your still gold. It works the same way for the computer platers.

Get mini game mode at the title screen

Just beat the four mini games in normal mode.