Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django - Codes


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Codes from Boktai 1 that still work:

Berserker: 0C=c-j21 2p8qg0:Z 57lmnCw N13Mc

Dark Boy: h9bfvCgX =>@Hf3>- 9Sm0smm nCw86jmJ

Gunmaster: X5zw6j>h MYqg/:Z 57lmnCw Nlwz=Mc

Queen: NzWQndfdK FK8w1 /8j48znC wNlmJ:1

Rook: DF74Lj@p =-7yTsk 4dlmnCw NlmJ:Mc

Solar Boy: >WJdj-c 0qgs7G 5Mv8yCw NlmJ:Mc

Solar Boy Alternate: NSffj4L 1-qMs7G 5Mv8yCw NlwJ:Mc

Trigger Of Soul: N0:7j@B -Fq::Z 57lmnCw NlwM=Mc

Trigger Of Soul 2: D??:7j@G -Fq::Z 57lmnCw NlwM=Mc

Get Dark Hunter title

Beat all monsters.

Unlock Adept title

Reach level 99.

Unlock Adventurer title

Finish all dungeons and immortal dungeons.

Unlock Agent title

Win all requests.

Unlock cat and mouse mini-game

Win the game twice.

Unlock Collector title

Get all weapons, armor, and pictures except mega armor.

Unlock day walker title

Beat Jormungandr.

Unlock Fist Master title

Upgrade fist skill to 99 and talk to Lita.

Unlock gun master title

Upgrade gun skill to 99 and talk to Sabata.

Unlock Hammer Master title

Upgrade hammer skill to 99 and talk to Smith.

Unlock Megaman Buster

Win Megaman's quest.

Unlock Spear Master title

Upgrade spear skill to 99 and talk to Smith.

Unlock Sword Master title</3>Upgrade sword skill to 99 and talk to Smith.

Unlock wallpaper and statsFinish the whole game.

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