Boogie Bunnies - Achievements


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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Bunny Hop 5 points: Complete Level 3 in the Arctic Level.
Welcome to the Jungle 5 points: Reach the Jungle Level.
Party Starter 5 points: Get a Dance Party started.
Bunny Blaster 10 points: Clear 36 or more bunnies in a chain combination.
Party All Night 20 points: Awarded for getting 4 dance parties in a single level.
Arcade Bunny 20 points: Successfully complete the full game in Arcade mode.
Bunny Survivor 30 points: Reach 100,000 points in Endless Mode.
Carrot Topper 20 points: Successfully complete the full game in Classic mode.
Quick Like A Bunny 10 points: Complete a level in under 2 minutes.
Beat the Heat 15 points: Complete the Beach Levels without losing a single bunny.
Better Together 30 points: Reach the Beach Level in Co-op mode.
Hollywood Mogul 30 points: Complete the Hollywood Levels without losing any bunnies.

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