Burn Zombie Burn - Achievements


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Brain Surgery (Bronze)
Objective: 100 Brains sucked.

d6 Admires You (Bronze)
Objective: Get all Gold medals.

d6 Commends You (Bronze)
Objective: Get all Bronze medals.

d6 Respects You (Bronze)
Objective: Get all Silver medals.

Dynami-Te-He (Bronze)
Objective: 1000 Zombies blown up.

Extinction (Bronze)
Objective: 100,000 Zombies killed.

Graduation (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Zombie Academy.

Hot To Trot (Bronze)
Objective: Last 30 seconds with 50+ zombies on fire.

Murder On The Dance Floor (Bronze)
Objective: 1000 Zombies sent dancing.

Paint The Town Red (Bronze)
Objective: Fill the screen with the maximum amount of blood on any level.

Red Shirt (Bronze)
Objective: Kill the away team Zombie.

Texas Style (Bronze)
Objective: 100 Chainsaw Combos.

Tourist (Bronze)
Objective: All Arcade levels unlocked. Silver:

Friend of Bruce (Silver)
Objective: All levels unlocked. Gold:

Friend of d6 (Gold)
Objective: Get all Developer medals.

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