Caesar 3 - Structure Guide vFinal

Caesar 3 - Structure Guide vFinal

Submitted by Victor D. "Wolverine"

Structure Guide vFinal

by Red Phoenix

Various Cheats

Right click on the Waterwell and press Alt K. Now press Alt V for instant victory or Alt C for more cash if you have less than 5000Dn.

Unlimited Money

Use this cheat when you get the option of going into the Senate then click the Emperor icon when you're in the Senate. Give yourself a wage of 500 denarii Caesar's wage. After a few months when you accumulate about 3000 go to the same screen and press the "Give to city button=". Click the "all" button in the dialog. Then press the "give" button. Notice now you don't have any savings at all. Press the "Give to city=" button again. WARNING: DO NOT PRESS THE "ALL" BUTTON AGAIN OR YOU'll GET YOURSELF INTO TROUBLE The quantity of money to give to the city is the money you gave before. So you just press "give" button again and your savings go in minus So just keep repeating this and you'll have a fortune.


High unemployment rate will arise the crime rate. Whenever you have many people unemployed try building some libraries to employ them. Whenever you need more workers just delete one or more of the libraries to make the workers from the deleted library to fill up the job vacancies.
Submitted by Luqman

Change Price of Things

Go to the directory in which you have installed the game and you should see a file called c3model.txt. Before you into the file back it up just in case you don't remember what it originally was or don't know how to fix it. Go into the file and you will be able to change the price of things how many people a building employs the desirability etc. For Example you could change the price of a small tent by putting as 9999 which means whenever you build one you get that amount rather than paying it. Also put a hippodrome on 1 employee. But don't make the amount a building employs very small if it is one that has production percentages such as a weapons workshop because then it goes very slow although I am not sure about farms. Barracks are okay though.
Submitted by Noneofyourbusiness