Carmageddon TDR 2000 - Various Cheats

Carmageddon TDR 2000 - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

Press and type hereComesTrouble to enable cheat codes. Now enter any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
openLevelsGuv All Levels
cash 10000
invincible God Mode
ai on/off Turn AI On/Off
setCar CARNAME Change your Car to CARNAME
makeai CARNAME Create Opponent CARNAME
wasteAll Destroy All Cars
lastlap Start on the Last Lap
lastcheckpoint All Checkpoints Checked Except Last
version Display Version Number
adventure Text Adventure MiniGame
damagemultiplier Increase Damage to
addPowerup h3 Add Powerup h3
breackCar h3 Damage Car h3
peds on/off Pedestrians On/Off
enablebuy Allows you to Buy All Cars

addPowerup Cheat

Open up the file PowerupStringsInternal.txt which is located in the Assets folders. This file contains the h3s for the powerups.

No Timer

First make a backup before making any changes. Open up the file options.txt which is located in the Assets folder with any text editor. Search for USETIMER and change 1 to 0.

Spawn Items

During game play type: 'hereComesTrouble. Then enter these codes:

Double Armor: 'addPowerUpDouble extra armour
Double Power & Offense: 'addPowerUpDouble extra everything
Double Offense Increase: 'addPowerUpDouble extra offensive
Double Power Increase: 'addPowerUpDouble extra power
Armor Increase: 'addPowerUpExtra armour
Armor, Power & Offense Increase: 'addPowerUpExtra everything
Bonus Armor Slots: 'addPowerUpBonus armour slots
Bonus Armor, Power & Offense Slots: 'addPowerUpBonus slots all round
Bonus Offense Slots: 'addPowerUpBonus offensive slots
Bonus Power Slots: 'addPowerUpBonus power slots
Brake Failure: 'addPowerUpBrake Failure
Catch Powerup: 'addPowerUpCatch Powerup
Extra Armor Slot: 'addPowerUpExtra armour slot
Extra Armor, Power & Offense Slot: 'addPowerUpExtra slots all round
Extra Offense Slot: 'addPowerUpExtra offensive slot
Extra Power Slot: 'addPowerUpExtra power slot
Max Armor Increase: 'addPowerUpMax armour
Max Armor, Power & Offense Increase: 'addPowerUpMax everything
Max Offense Increase: 'addPowerUpMax offensive
Max Power Increase: 'addPowerUpMax power
Offense Increase: 'addPowerUpExtra offensive
Power Increase: 'addPowerUpExtra power