Championship Manager: Season 02/03 - Win very easily


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Win very easily

This is sort of a cheat if u are in relegation zone and u are struggling to get out and you are desperate. Find out who You are playing next by fixtures then when you have found out take control of the team who you are playing next then mess them team players around den when it says start match go on the team you have took control of and move ever 1 to the side including the keeper then u will start scoring many goals.

Buy players cheaper and easier.

The players that you want from a team you take control of the team who the player is at then when you have done that the player that your about to buy 1st go on the team who u just took control of to get the player then discipline the player and relegate him to reserves so the player doesn't say he enjoys playing at the club and doesn't want to leave. Then when you done that Approach to buy the player around 50k if the player is like about 500k if you put 0k the board will say it is unreal so just put 50 k if the player is worth around 5 million put 500k then when you done that accept it on the other manager who you just taken control of then u will have cheap players that are good.

Sell Players for lots of money to anyone how has money

Click on game options add manager put in any name jyjtyu pick a rich team Man Utd, Liverpooland make them buy a player off of you for 10M 20M but the player has to be quite good other wise the board wont let it go though you and also buy players off man u ,liverpool all you have to do is transfer list the player you want. I won the champs league and the primership with west ham

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