Chao Adventure - Infinite Energy


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Infinite Energy

Change Chao's h3 to 1234567.

Level Skip

Get a Chao from Sonic Adventure first. Then when your Chao gets to the end of an area it will ask you where you want to go. Select the place you want to go and immediately press the mode button. Then press the mode button two more times and you will be back on the Chao Adventure screen. Just let the Chao start walking and it will let you select the next area. You can repeat this as many times as you want.

Gold Chao

After you beat Chaos 0 there will be a rock. Pick it up and trade it in for a gold egg. Trade it in at the place after you end up in the sewer.
Submitted by Shaquileoneal34

Silver Chao

Go to the Mystic Ruins and go to the pond. Then there is a big white ang green button push it and a silver egg will pop out. Take it to the Choa Garden. Do this also with the Gold chao.
Submitted by Shaquileoneal34


Go to the egg carier and go to the place where you found Amy in a cell then go to the next one.If you drop it it'll disapearGo back to get it again.
Submitted by Nike3009

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